For this Holiday season Disaronno has teamed up with two iconic brands, both synonymous of cutting-edge
design and high quality goods, for a new interpretation of the classic Murano glass bottle. In collaboration with
the London based brand maharishi, famous for its recognizable camouflage prints, and the Berlin company
bagjack specialized in hand-made bags, Disaronno presents a limited edition of the distinctive bottle dressed in
a camouflage leather sleeve, featuring front pocket with waterproof zipper and on the back a pocket for business


This special collectors item, a real design statement and a perfect holiday gift, also comes with high-quality Faber
Castell pencil, a Parker pen and a 24-carat gold-plated waterproof USB stick, all perfectly accommodated in the
hand-made sleeve characterized by the custom pattern “maharishi bonsai forest” designed by maharishi’s creative
director Hardy Blechman.





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