Skrillex werd door G-Star geïnterviewd over hun nogal opmerkelijke samenwerking.
Check het filmpje wat ze maakten hier, en lees hier verder het interview met Skrillex:

You bring a very different sound, and as a result perform for great crowds.
How would you describe your music?
I like to make music that is harmonically explosive and endearing no matter what the size of the crowd or the sound system. It is very visceral, especially in sub(sonic) frequencies, so it also benefits from great sound.
It’s 3 dimensional, it’s meant to wake you up, and can be felt on a cellular level – but it’s always changing.

How did the collaboration between you and G-Star come about?
Actually natural, as I already wore their stuff, and we are already mutual fans.

Can you explain what the collaboration is about?
It was a way for us all to come together and experiment artistically. Coming together to create this fantastic video piece was just exciting and new for everybody involved on the project. That’s the thing about adverts, they can either be cheesy and solely used as marketing tool, or they can be a great excuse to do something different and expressive. I truly believe, we made something AWESOME together.

What kind of track did you make for G-Star?
It’s a signature Skrillex track.

How did the G-Star video inspire your track?
It’s an inspiring video, I can’t really explain how it exactly inspired me, it just did.



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